Reclaiming My Power From White Women
Sara Haile-Mariam

Sara, i wasn’t sure about the content of the post when i started reading it..

I am not white, i have skin color which can’t be called black either. But after my first trip to a different country, the strongest feeling i had was my skin color is my face, my body, my hair, my voice and a lot more thing.

I was staying in a very well established hotel, where i was frequently asked by different guests if i’m a cleaner, or if i’ve arranged today’s breakfast, or if i can take the garbage of her hand (as small as a piece of tissue paper).

I used to think i’m a strong woman!! I struggled in my head to decide, shall i just scream or sob.

This is not racism clearly, not bullying either. This is just pasting a label on someone’s head by just looking at them!!

Such a beautiful piece ❤


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