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A Toast to Family Business.

We recently attended this event, hosted by Veale Wasborough Vizards, in Bristol. The event was held to launch a book by Nick Smith called ‘Advising the Family Owned Business’ The article looks at who the book has been written for and what it covers. Read more.

Future trends in family business succession.

The challenges facing family businesses when it comes to succession are wide and varied, some are timeless but others are exclusive to the technology and attitudes of the time. We hear so much nowadays about disruptive technology, millennials… Read more.

It’s your future, take care of it.

You may be looking to take control of your financial future and feel that financial planning would help, however, there may be several reasons why you are not willing to employ us (or any other financial planner) to help you. You may wake every… Read more.

Eat that frog!

Procrastination can be a real issue when we are looking at making big decisions. It is often easier to put these things off than it is to get on with it. In this post we look at one of the reasons succession planning is often left too long. Read more

When should you start your retirement planning?

Most people leave truly planning for their retirement until it is too late. We don’t just mean setting aside enough money to enjoy your retirement, but to really consider how you will spend your time. When you consider retirement do you visualise… Read more

Focus on what you can control

There is a great venn diagram that Carl Richards (a.k.a. @BehaviorGap) has drawn that has a circle entitled ‘Things that matter’ and the other called ‘Things you can control’ Where these two circles overlap is where your focus should be, i.e…. Read more.

Governance as a tool for growth

We are often told that family businesses neglect their governance. There may be a number of reasons for this. It can feel like an unnecessary burden and an inconvenience, you have businesses to run so being told that you need to put more… Read more.

Financial Independence and Succession Planning

We work with family businesses to help them to achieve financial independence. We define this as the point at which you are no longer reliant on earned income from the business to fund your desired future lifestyle.This involves creating three… Read more.

Innovate and prosper

A recurring theme when speaking to family business owners is that there is often difficulty in recruiting staff with the right skills for the job. This family business are being proactive and tackling the issue head on by setting up its own… Read more.

It won’t happen to me!

Who would run your business if you were unable to do so through illness or injury? This is an area we often see overlooked by business owners and the protection that can run alongside the legal documentation that can help you cope with disasters…. Read more

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