Why You Need A Training Goal

Setting a training goal can improve your success rate by as much as 40%.

Yes, that much.

But it’s something which many of us completely overlook.

Sure, it’s fun buying new gym gear, the latest supplements or looking up the latest workout plan we want to try.

But there is one vital aspect of a fitness routine which trumps all others:

Those who train with a goal will outperform those who train without one.

And “I’d like to lose a little fat and tone up a bit” is not a goal.

It needs to be something specific.

A goal could be anything from a photo shoot, a wedding day, a holiday or even just a Facebook update. It’s something you’ve committed to doing.

As a trainer, I am astounded how many of us go to the gym without a clear goal in mind, or without a target we are trying to reach.

This leaves us in a position where we go through the motions, our routine becomes hit and miss, and our diet seems to yoyo between great and bad depending on what our social circle is doing at the weekend.

Without a goal, we are not focused.

The Experiment

The biggest reason we need a training goal is because it’ll boost our ability to adhere to our diet.

And diet is the key to success in the gym.

So I recently conducted an experiment.

Over the last ten years, thousands of men and women have used my HIIT diet — which you can find here — to get lean and toned.

But I’ve always believed that those who train with a clear goal in mind will outperform those who don’t. So I set out to discover the truth.

I picked a handful of participants who wanted to use the diet to get in shape, I split them into two groups:

a) A team of participants who simply did their own thing.
b) A team of participants who committed to sending me a before and after photo.

I had informed the participants in group B that their before and after photo would be displayed on the wall in my gym for everyone to see.

Something remarkable happened.

Over the course of the six week diet, those who had committed to sending before and after pictures had a 40% greater success rate than those who didn’t.



We often fear failure when we set out to get fit, particularly if we have never achieved the physique we are striving for in the past.

So we are lazy when it comes to setting deadlines, we opt to keep things very simple.

We don’t want to set ourselves up for a potential fall.

But that fear only dominates us if we let it.

What actually happens when we take the plunge and set a deadline, such as progress photographs, is we become much more focused on making it happen.

We stick to our diet and we train with a purpose.

We hold ourselves accountable when we slip up, and we get straight back on target.

Especially if it’s something that scares us a little.

Something that puts us “out there.”

For instance, the men and women who participated in my experiment are based all around the world. Many of them had never even seen my gym or had any idea how many people who genuinely look at their photos.

Just the thought of it was enough.

As a trainer, I believe that goal setting is an integral part of a client’s chance of success.

So if you are starting a new diet or workout plan, set out some goals today and see if my experiment has the same effect on you. Heck, I get before and after pictures every single day on my website, you can even use me and progress photos as your deadline target too if you wish.

But remember to make your goal something specific.

If you want to lose 10lbs, make your goal to lose 10lbs.

Not to “lose a bit of weight.”

That doesn’t work.

If you want to lose 4" from your waist, then your goal is to lose 4" from your waist. Not to “tone up.”

Got it?

Then get to work.

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