The National Security Advisor was photographed this week with notes showing ‘5000 troops to Columbia’. He has now said that American companies taking over Venezuela’s oil reserves is the single most important issue and would be ‘good for business’.

We have witnessed the startling new willingness of our leaders to grind government to a halt over partisan disagreements — but just how new is this? Will it ever end?

For forty years Elliott Abrams has made a career overturning unfriendly regimes for the United States — now he looks ready, willing and poised to do it again.

News about the elevation of controversial figure Elliot Abrams should concern all impartial observers of the unfolding crisis in Venezuela. On Janurary 25th, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made Abrams the U.S. Special Envoy to Venezuela. It is an explosive new development that is expected to have major repercussions in the escalating Venezuelan conflict.Elliott Abrams has a savage history of causing or obscuring violence in Central and South America. He has also been twice convicted of unlawfully withholding information from Congress during his time with the Reagan Administration.

His involvement in the bloody Salvadorean Civil War and in the Iran-Contra…

You could be forgiven if the news out of Caracas this week has left you exasperated and entirely confused. It’s a terribly sticky and increasingly deadly situation to unpack.

Embattled President Nicolas Maduro, in front of portraits of Simon Bolivar and former President Hugo Chavez.

It is important to understand that the politics of Venezuela does not operate in a vacuum. There are larger, unseen forces contributing to the decades old, often international conflict for control of the oil-rich nation.

No matter your opinion of the strong-man —his peculiar type of petro-socialism — or even the staggering inflation we see in the socialist state; it is important to approach this emerging crisis with honesty, forth-rightness, and facts — something we have seen precious little of to date.

Western media has been rather one-dimensional on the topic. There has been great emphasis on the evolving socio-economic…

Russ Miller

Campaigner. Bird's-eye. Citizen of North America. 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 Living in Washington D.C.

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