The UGLY Truth About High-Ticket Phone Sales

If you’ve ever been on the wrong end of a bad sales call then you probably want nothing to do with selling by phone. It’s awkward. And you wouldn’t wish the experience on your worst enemy.

So, it makes sense you’d rather do ANYTHING but sell over the phone. You’d rather spend six hours grinding out a blog post, six weeks creating a $47 e-book, or six months creating a $497 course people can just “add to cart” without you ever having to speak to them.

Isn’t it crazy? The sales conversation has gotten so UGLY, so painful, that you’d rather spend six months creating content to avoid one 45-minute conversation with a potential client.

It has become a process that steals ambition and creates massive amounts of anxiety. It makes you doubt your own value. It causes you to question whether or not your programs or services are any good.

It leaves great business owners hiding behind digital doo-dads, infotainment, and bandaids. All the while their ideal clients suffer with gaping wounds and debilitating problems. Problems that won’t be solved with more content.

And instead of trying to find a better phone sales strategy, most assume this is just how selling by phone is. The toll we see this taking on businesses is heartbreaking…

  • Not enough money

As you can see, the wrong sales phone strategy causes a lot of UGLY side effects. But here’s the thing that drives me to share this message…


It’s not just that a bad phone sales strategy is painful, although it is. It’s not just that you’ll waste a lot of time and money if the phone call is based on 30-year-old strategies, although you will.

What’s even UGLIER than all that are the unsolved problems of those in need…

  • The lonely men and women struggling to find the partner of their dreams because the right relationship coach would rather build and sell a cheap course…

That’s really ugly.

That’s not what I want for you. And it’s not what I want for all those hurting people either.

Fortunately, selling by phone doesn’t have to be ugly. There’s a better way. Because when you use a proven, up-to-date phone sales strategy that works, it’s one of the most transformational and profitable sales tools you’ll ever use.


Despite everything I just said above, selling by phone can be an incredible experience. When it’s done right, it’s good for you, good for the potential client and good for the health of your business.

For example, the sales call strategy we teach allows our clients to…

  • Start the coaching relationship off on the right foot, with authority.

In other words, the right phone selling strategy allows our clients to consistently find as many of the right clients who’ll pay $3,000-$10,000 as they want, anytime they want.

What’s more, it allows us to generate over a million dollars in sales per month to only our ideal clients. And let me be clear, these are first sales. Not upsells.

In fact, the conversation is so powerful, so transformational, that 95% of our sales happen within 48 hours of the very first time someone hears about us. The same is true for many of our clients.

Is it easy? No. Absolutely not. It’s an entirely new way of thinking and being when on the phone. Truth is, most people simply aren’t going to do the work required to learn this new strategy. Much less implement and master it.

But for those that do, the results are phenomenal. Consider just three of our students…

  • Brian, a handstand coach, who used our phone strategy to sell $1,000,000 of his program in just the first 6 months of working with us.

With that said, I don’t know you, your business, or your work ethic. I’m not making any promises about your results. These clients worked incredibly hard, followed our coaching and committed to mastery.


The reason our strategy is so powerful is because we don’t care about “closing” the client. We are committed to serving the client to the truth. We are an advocate for THEIR dreams, not ours.

When your goal is to serve the client, to help them see what they can’t and to do it with strength and certainty about your ability to help, THEN the entire sales process transforms from ugly duckling to beautiful swan.


If what I’ve shared in this post has you wanting to know more, then you’ll want to join me for our latest webinar:

What The Top 1% of Coaches Know That You Don’t: How a Small Handful of Coaches Are Earning 6–7 Figures (while changing their client’s lives along the way).

During this webinar you’ll discover…

  • More about the sales process we use to take a prospect from ‘click to client’ in less than 24–48 hours, even if you’re charging $5,000 or more…

Register Now.

I promise you, if you’ll show up with an open mind and dream for your business, you’ll see new possibilities you’ve never seen before.

See you soon,

Russ Ruffino

Founder, Clients on Demand



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