Russell Ruffino
5 min readMar 30, 2018

Does the “high-ticket” lingo filling your news feed got you feeling confused? Overwhelmed? Frustrated?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally get a clear understanding of what it takes, and does NOT take, to create a “high-ticket” offer?

After all, if you don’t know what to aim for, you’re never going to hit it, right?

Listen, if you’ve been following us for any amount of time, then you’re probably a lot closer to a high-ticket offer than you realize.

You’re a lot closer to having the all the clients you want, whenever you want at a price point that allows you to serve at the highest levels.

No more wondering where the next client will come from…

No more working too hard and too long for too little…

No more… well… I’m getting ahead of myself…

Before I reveal what it REALLY takes to create a high-ticket offer, let me give you 4 things it absolutely does NOT take.

Understand, I was told by the gurus I “had to have” these 4 things. And I made a few enemies along the way as I systematically debunked their MYTHS.

In short, I PROVED them dead wrong.

Here are the 4 things you do NOT need to create a successful high-ticket offer:


The consumer is skeptical. And the fact is, testimonials simply do not work like they used to work. If you’ve got them, use them… just know you do NOT need them to create a VERY successful program.


You don’t need a best-selling book… or a book at all. I still don’t have a book and we’ll do $1.4 million in new clients THIS MONTH. Walk down the street and ask people who Russ Ruffino is and no one will have a clue who you are talking about. I am living proof you do NOT need celebrity status. Most of our clients go from having no clue who I am, to hiring us within 48 hours of seeing that very first Facebook ad.


Listen, I know BROKE bloggers with millions of page views and tens of thousands of readers but no buyers… POOR podcasters with hundreds of thousands of downloads but no clients… and ‘Best-selling” authors with anemic bank accounts… (many come to me to figure out how to monetize their “fans”).

Fact is, a huge audience does not equal success. Success = a few people a day raising their hand asking YOU to work with them.


You’ll hear fancy terms like “value ladders”… “ascension models”… “tripwires”… “dynamic behavioral response marketing”… “autoresponders”… “tagging”… “segmenting”… and so much other “have to do” BS.

It’s enough to make your head spin.

Worse yet, it stops you from ever making any real progress.

Worst of all, it stops YOU from serving the people you were called to serve.

Here’s the truth…

>>> Complexity creates confusion and confusion cripples your ability to create <<<

Fortunately, there IS a simple solution to creating a proven, RESULTS-driven, high-ticket offer. There’s a way to make the very FIRST sale to your IDEAL client be a $3k-$10k sale.

Imagine that… every new client you enroll gladly pays you $3k-$10k up front. How would that change things for you!?

Before I show you the steps, let me share TWO REASONS WHY you want a results-driven, high-ticket offer:

=ONE: Your clients show up more committed because they have more skin in the game (creating better results).

==TWO: YOU can afford to offer a higher level of service because you are working with fewer, and often better, clients (creating better results).

Notice how OUR version of a high-ticket offer is all about RESULTS for the client? That’s key. This is NOT just about price or “adding a zero” because you can. It’s about results.

All right, now for the keys to unlocking your high-ticket offer…

KEY #1 — Decide THE BIG PROBLEM you help solve. If you’re not solving a BIG problem, then you are not ready to create a high-ticket program. But don’t worry, most people we talk with are wildly underestimating the VALUE of the service they provide… by a long shot. We can help you see the true value of what you do.

KEY #2 — Create a FRAMEWORK to solve the problem. You have a process… a system… a framework for what you do. You may think it’s all intuitive but I assure you for 99% of the people we serve, a framework is there. You might just need our help to see yours clearly.

KEY #3 — HOLD their hand. A truly valuable high-ticket offer gets results. And to get results for most people most of the time, you’re going to have to hold their hand. We teach you how to do that in a leveraged, powerful, and simple way.

That’s it. Those are the 3 key principles of a high-ticket offer. And when you get it right, two amazing things start to happen…

==You systematically ATTRACT more of your IDEAL CLIENTS and

====You systematically REPEL more of your NIGHTMARE CLIENTS

Which, once again, leads to massive results for those clients YOU CHOOSE to work with in your business. And yes, if you implement our system, you really will have the power to pick and choose your clients… in fact, you’ll have to.

So listen, if you want more of the right clients, at the right price, anytime you want… and if you are committed to getting massive results for your clients, then we can help you.

We can help you by creating a high-ticket offer using our proven Clients on Demand system.

Curious about how to get access to the system?

Well, here’s the thing…

We don’t just offer a sales page where you can add our program to a shopping cart. It doesn’t work like that.

The way it does work is to watch our webinar and get on a call with our team. When you do, we’ll find out what problem you solve and see if it fits within our unique model for creating high-ticket offers. It may not. But you won’t know until you get on the phone with us.


So if you’re ready to finally build a real business surrounded by a highly skilled team… if you’re tired of doing it all alone… check out this webinar below!




Russell Ruffino

CEO of Clients on Demand. COD helps coaches, thought-leaders and experts attract the right clients, at the right price, anytime they want - clientsondemand.com