The next war, will be between the US and Russia, it will go nuclear very quickly and A10’s will not…

Why in the hell would there be a shooting war between them. The need to actually go to war with a nuclear armed middle power is almost obsolete. The economic war hat has been going on since the invasion of Crimea. Has done a lot more long term damage than any short bombing campaign would have.

I know the obvious answer is – its not that bad or they are adapting- but the fact of them having to dip into the government reserve is a huge blow. The billions used to try balance the reduced budget is money they will never get back. Economic war is the new reality when dealing with an economic power who is closely linked to your own economy.

The possibility of a real nuclear exchange tempers both sides reactions. Putin and Obama are not suicidal or want to preside over the destruction of their own countries and cultures(and a significant majority of the rest of the world).

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