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You seem to think it’s just an average temperature increase, where say Saskatchewan/Alberta/Manitoba in Canada will have almost no -40*c winter days.

The change is in the extremities of daily temperature variability. The possibility that on day it will be +10*c and the in the next few days it could be anywhere from +25*c to -5*c. The increase in temperature will also allow pests and disease that were normally unable to populate the areas become endemic.

The increased humidity will possibly make the areas abundant farming economy untenable.

The real disaster comes as the increasing temperatures warm the permafrost in N.Canada and Siberia, and quite possibly set off a self-feeding runaway greenhouse effect. The massive amounts of methane in the frozen currently *non-decomposed* biomass is apocalyptical to climate change. It could make any attempt at minimizing the long-term decrease of carbon by humans a effort in futility.

There is no real upside of climate change that doesn’t have an even worse downside.

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