The U.S. Intelligence Community Is Dangerously Unimaginative
War Is Boring

Your conclusion to the report, that it’s better to be us than China, is missing a few key problems they face.

China’s lack of enforced regulations, inherent corruption, and an empowered equivalent to the EPA has allowed the unprecedented destruction of their environment for economic gain. If over half of our arable land was to contaminated for human food production, 60% of ground water samples were either relatively or highly polluted, and the air killed over 10,000 people a year. We would be up in arms and out in the demanding change. China survivalist minded government doesn’t allow non-government organized public protests, so environmental concerns are going to keep simmering until the people won’t take inaction anymore.

Their aging population is another major problem, just over the horizon. In ~25 years over half their population will be senior citizens, without a social safety net, or a sizeable number of working age family members to provide for them.

At the same time the automation revolution takes on a majority their manufacturing jobs. The middle class will be squeezed into service careers for the small group who benefit from government corruption and nepotism.

The future for the average Chinese citizen doesn’t look all that bright, unless revolutionary changes comes to their environmental and economic governance. I would much rather be here than there for the foreseeable future. Our relatively responsive government and economy; is more resilient to drastic change than their reactive one is.

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