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Your first options were both wildly expensive in air force studies. Restarting f22 production being the most, it would have been expensive to restart production on obsolete parts and stealth coatings by themselves.

Every company that has put out any kind of videos or literature on the future fighter agree that it has to be a modified flying wing/tailless delta.

We are at a cusp right now with technology and that investment will be the major decision maker in the success of the PCA. It is the game changer right now on the F35, and will prove to be its offset to less conventional capabilities.

If they aren’t working on short range, podded, laser missile defence for 4th gens and integrated on 5th gens, I would be amazed. That technology and sensor integration will be the mainstay of American air power superiority. I’m still hoping for a f35-b with no lift fan, but an integrated laser weapon system in its place.

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