The Story of a Calendar…

In 1998, I met a lovely lady while working at a bar/restaurant in Melbourne, Australia named Trudy. I called her Gertrude. This only pissed her off because her name was actually Trudy. We partied, we connected, we became friends. She couldn’t stay mad at me forever.

In the year 2000, Trudy decided to flex her travel bug…a disease quite common to the Australian population, and travelled to British Columbia, Canada in her quest to explore the world. Trudy came to live with me and my family in Surrey before graduating to my couch in Kitsilano. Where she stayed…for a year. Oh she did get up from time to time for such things as food, drink and the Calgary Stampede but you did read that right, a year. But it was a glorious, glorious year.

In 2004 she doth returned…but only as far as an island in the U.S. As I was a single man (it happens for short periods of time) with no date to my best friend’s wedding, Trudy took up the challenge as my wedding BFF in Maui. Highlights: My friends getting married, a taste of my first and last fresh pineapple, and praying to any higher power willing to listen to help me survive the fearful monstrosity of an Australian driving the Hana Highway on the opposite side of the road in which she is accustomed.

In 2008, the glorious reappearance of not one but TWO Australians as Trudy brought with her the delightful Ian Reid. I did adore him upon meeting him and a quick bond was formed. I was thrilled to show them a different island this time, the location of my adopted home, Victoria, British Columbia. There was much fun had, including many occasions to enjoy Trudy’s inability to make a noise when she laughs REALLY loud. It’s quite adorably funny.

From that moment on, two things happened.

1) Trudy got fertile, giving birth to two beautiful children. I’m sure Ian was involved some how.

2) I started getting calendars of the gorgousness Australia. And it happened again today for 2016. Like clockwork (and always a little late in the year), I was honoured again to receive a gift as a reminder of the place I planted the seeds in becoming the person I am now and where I had some of the most amazing connections of my life: including with one Trudy Reid McPhee

Thank you Trudy for being one of the coolest, sweetest and kickass-est people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and calling my friend. You’re the only person I could have tolerated on my couch for a year.

A year.


A year.

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