The Unthinkable Is Happening in Our Own ‘Backyard’
Jenna Elfman


Good of you to publish this!

We could, you know, blame it all on El Chapo. Trump & Co. do — at least blame it on the likes of him.

One little correction — or at least side note — to your call to arms. Ever since Nixon (or maybe even before Nixon), we’ve been led to believe we’re exceptional — i.e., not Thailand or Brazil. We’re not.

Art sometimes imitates life. Sometimes.

Many years ago, I lived right around the corner from Washington Square, in NYC. You may remember one of Jodie Foster’s first roles (at the age of 12) in “Taxi Driver.” In that role, she was representative of a very real and present tragedy.

I don’t know that more surveillance is the answer. Surveillance, to a budding adolescent, is just downright annoying — and fuel for increased rebellion. Staying off of Social Media yourself — and thereby setting an example for your child(ren) — might be closer to the mark.

Keep up the good work! Lucky for me, my children are already grown up, free and out of this trouble zone — and they grew up right here in down ’n’ dirty Brooklyn.

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