Spiritual Fizz Podcast: Ring of Brodgar / Evidential Spirit Medium Jock Brocas / Mother Earth and Grass

Russell Suereth
Oct 6, 2017 · 1 min read

Here’s a summary of this episode of the Spiritual Fizz podcast. We think you’ll find that our show is one of the more fun and upbeat spiritual podcasts you’ll hear.

The Ring of Brodgar is a stone circle that was built in the far reaches of northern Scotland more than 4 millennia ago. Our featured guest is Jock Brocas, who is an evidential spirit medium and works tirelessly to prove the existence of life after death. Immerse yourself in a spiritual reflection about Mother Earth and lying on the cool grass as a child. Learn about upcoming mindful events and spiritual observances, including the autumnal equinox.

Show Segments

  • Intro: 00:00
  • Spiritual Reflection: Mother Earth and Lying on the Cool Grass: 01:10
  • Spiritual Events and Observances: Autumnal Equinox: 03:02
  • Spiritual Places: Ring of Brodgar: 05:42
  • Featured Guest: Evidential Spirit Medium, Jock Brocas: 08:28
  • Outro: 32:50

You can listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, and on the Spiritual Fizz website.

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