The Dribbblisation of Design

Good thoughts, and I agree.

But Dribbble is Twitter for visual designers — “What can you show in two seconds that will get a viewer’s attention?”. In the Dribbble scrolling game, the brightest flower gets the most click-throughs. To be fair, this is it’s own valuable practice.

It seems like you’re craving a long form approach to design process. Telling the story of business needs, user research, market awareness, microinteractions, product flows, and how it all flows together is extraordinarily difficult… and that’s just the telling part, not the designing part.

Most people who can do combine holistic awareness with the chops to design meaningfully are rare and in high demand. As such, they’re probably not posting to short form visual design forums… keeping Dribbble a place to explore visual trends, not think holistically about design problems.