In this second post of our BRASA series, we’re going to dive a bit deeper into the carbon drawdown implications of agroforestry. Why? Because they are massive!

“The widespread adoption of agroforestry practices in the United States could sequester 530 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent each year, thereby transforming agriculture into a carbon sink.” — (I highly recommend reading this whole article)

Before we get into agroforestry as an instrument for carbon-farming, let’s get clear on what agroforestry means. It is important to distinguish it from “forestry” as a both a practice and area of study.


This blog is first of four in a series on BRASA, a new tool developed by Terra Genesis International and TK Designlab.

The Connecticut River Watershed

If we want to do more than create stop-gap solutions, we need to think bigger than those gaps. We need to design for the health of whole systems. Terra Genesis International and TK Designlab co-created BRASA (Bioregional Agroforestry Suitability Analysis) to do just that.

What is BRASA?

BRASA is a methodology for mapping a landscape’s suitability for specific agroforestry practices and tree crops. With this analysis, we can identify the most economically and ecologically viable crops, practices, and systems for a…

Zoo Spring Season Starts This Weekend!!


The UMass A Team heads to Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend for the first tournament of 2018: Queen City Tune-Up. Follow along on Twitter @UmassUltimateM or @ultiworldlive

Coaches’ Corner

Tiina and I have launched a series on Ultiworld. It will “offer a template for coaches (or captains) on how to put together a new team or how to help a struggling team.” Follow the link to Ultiworld to learn more, and follow along with that series throughout the spring.


The amazing team over at VC Ultimate has created the first ever UMASS Men’s Ultimate Gear Store. …

On December 2nd-3rd ZooDisc headed down to Georgia looking for a weekend of growth, and we got it!

We are good, we can be fast, and we have a long way to go. The story of the weekend was rediscovering our sense of what we could control as a team, and how to respond to the elements outside of our control. On Saturday a combination of a low-energy start, and a stronger than expected (we’re still learning to ignore our expectations) Tulane team, made for a tough start to pool play. …

Name: Ben Katz

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Degree from UMass: B.S. in Building and Construction Technology

Current Employment: Chief Boiler Engineer for Able Services at Pfizer Inc

Ben and family

Current Place of Residence (who do you live with too?):

Somerville, MA, a half mile away from my parents. Unfortunately all my roommates are Middlebury grads but you can’t win ’em all, right?

Years with Zoo: 2010–2014 (Capt. 2013)- 5 years is the right way to go

Other Teams:

  • Star Fox (2011–2012)
  • Ironside (Practice player 2013, 2015, 2017)
  • Garuda (2013–2014)
  • Slow White (2016)
  • Major League Ultimate- Boston Whitecaps (2015–2016)
  • American Ultimate Disc League- Montreal…


Ben Sadok ’17, Brett Gramann ’18, and Tannor Johnson ’19 are representing Zoodisc on the US U-24 National Teams in Perth, Australia in January 2018. Our junior captain, Tannor Johnson, will be playing with the US U-24 Mixed Team in Perth, Australia in January 2018, and wrote about his experiences at their recent training camp.

I’ve been playing ultimate for the past seven years. I’ve played for over 10 teams, competed in over 15 states, and in the past four years the longest I’ve taken off from playing any type of ultimate is two weeks. …



Zoodisc will be partnering with, our new sponsor, VC Ultimate on jerseys this year. We’ll be going back to classic jersey designs, and they’ll be available soon to friends, fans, and family.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming holiday sale!

What the Coaches Learned This Fall

We are beginning to figure out how to run a nine-month ultimate program. Mistakes in the past include deciding on a team too early (or too late), playing in too many fall tournaments, and not having a clear vision of where we want to be in November.

Here is what we have learned in the last few months:


Note: Alum Spotlight is a segment that we will share throughout the season as part of our effort to bring the Zoo family together, and highlight what this team has meant and continues to mean to nearly four decades of players, coaches, families, and fans.

If you are an alumnus of the Zoodisc program, we want to hear from you. Comment below or email us at .

“College ultimate is the best ultimate. Embrace this opportunity to have all your teammates in one place and spend time together”

Name: Brent Anderson

Hometown: Keene, NH

Degree from UMass: Bachelor of…


Note: Tiina, three current Zoodisc players (Chris Bartoli, Pat Barron, and Tannor Johnson), and many Zoodisc alumni were in Sarasota, FL for the USAU Club National Championships 10/19–10/22. This post and #5 are reflections on their experiences there.

Note 2: Chris is far too humble to put any pictures in his post, so I (Russell) did. Sorry Chris!

By Chris Bartoli (our first player-contributor!)

I’m sitting on my flight home out of Tampa and it’s time to decide how I’ll spend the next few hours. …


Note: Tiina, three current Zoodisc players (Chris Bartoli, Pat Barron, and Tannor Johnson), and many Zoodisc alumni were in Sarasota, FL for the USAU Club National Championships this past week. We plan to make a few posts throughout the week about their experiences.

By Tiina Booth

I just spent four days in Sarasota at club nationals. Four gorgeous, windy hot days as a fan, amateur photographer and armchair coach. I also wrote a series of articles for Ultiworld called “Tiina’s Takes.” Here’s a few photos of friends and alums of UMass, as well as links to my columns.


Our boys contingent on Dig after beating DC’s Truck Stop in their first game of the tournament (Left to Right: Ben Tseytlin, Ben Sadok, Jeff Babbitt, and Chris Bartoli)

Russell Wallack

Ecologically Designing, Chestnut Farming, Living Systems Thinking, Young People Coaching

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