10 Productivity Secrets for Freelance Translators

Do you know how productive you are? How many hours do you spend for work and leisure?

I guess many of you don’t know exact metrics and rely upon your subjective assessments like “I think I’m productive enough…” or “I’m not that productive as I should be…”.

We all know that translation is labor intensive intellectual activity. Freelance translators, in particular, have to work even harder than their in-house colleagues, since freelancers have to address many other issues in addition to major activity, e.g. administrative (calls, emails, meetings), marketing (advertising, promotion), financial management (invoicing and tax reporting), and other tasks.

As a freelance translator, I have a rather tough schedule. Almost every working day I have to translate at least 2000 words to make a good living out of my freelance business.

In addition to translation, I spend up to 3–4 hours for communicating and scheduling, marketing, and development of my website.

How to stay productive and not to burn out with such a busy schedule?

Today I will share some of my productivity secrets with you guys.

As usually, I have prepared a nice freebie for you. You can download a PDF file with a checklist and links to useful resources to improve your productivity.