Ultimate List of Places to Find Translation Work Online

Many translators who want to quit their in-house positions and shift to freelance want to know how to find translation work online. There are more than enough places on the web where translators search for new projects. Some of them were established at the dawn of Internet development and did not change much since early 2000-s though still remain very popular both among clients and translators. Others were created not so long ago but are quite promising. However, due to the excessive amount of information and high level of competition, it is not always possible to find websites and resources that can serve as an additional source of projects for freelance translators. Therefore, in this blog post, I prepared the Ultimate List of Places to Find Translation Work Online.

In this blog post, I wanted to show that there are many opportunities on the web. The main idea here is to provide newbie translators with a hint where to search for the first jobs and how to start. Many translators are afraid of going to freelance because they think that it is hard to find the job. This blog post is one in a series about finding first translation jobs. However, established translators may also find some interesting places listed here.

You may also Download the Ultimate List for free and easily access it from your computer any time later.


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