On the hypocrisy of “anti-imperialists” blindly supporting Assad
Ruslan Trad

An excellent article, but I should point out that the 700 US bases figure is highly distorted. Many claims about high numbers of US bases are based on faulty figures that include any US military presence anywhere. So for example, the Marines that guard US embassies all over the world? They have often been factored in as “US foreign bases.”

Russia, of course, has fewer foreign bases, but that is strictly because they lack the capacity and friends to build more. Knowing the Kremlin mentality very well, I can guarantee they’d build bases all over the globe if they had. They’d also love to intervene militarily around the world on the scale that the US does, and unlike in the US, you wouldn’t be able to easily march in the streets against such intervention. You’d be branded traitors and subject to state and non-state harassment with impunity.

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