The Propaganda War Against Syria
Matt Florence

Matt, did you know Eva Bartlett has openly admitted she’s pro-Assad and has enjoyed the hospitality of his government, I believe on more than one occasion. I find the pretty damning.

I think it’s also amusing that you fall for Russell Bentley’s shtick. Bentley’s a convicted former drug dealer and an alcoholic (according to an internal DNR press service memo) who’s been made into a “heroic fighter.” He claims to be a Communist yet says incredibly racist things on camera (he called Obama a monkey, for example) and doesn’t seem to have any history of Communist ties prior to appearing in the Donbas to dupe gullible Western leftists such as yourself.

I don’t know about this Lancaster fellow, but I’m guessing he was another sex tourist like Graham Phillips. If you understood how the DNR works with media, you wouldn’t be so gullible. I have friends that have worked in rebel territory and I myself have worked on the Ukrainian side of the line, and I can tell you the difference is night and day. Anyone who wants DNR credentials needs to have an interview with this Finnish nutjob. Any deviation from his preferences means no credentials. By contrast I’ve obtained a total of three press cards from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense with no questions whatsoever.

Matt, you think you’re more informed and subverting the system, but you’re really just being terribly gullible. If you’re serious about leftist politics, you need to stop making yourself a tool of the Russian Foreign Ministry. I guarantee you they don’t give a shit about any of your causes.

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