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Okay let’s parse that a bit. Eva’s political position is close to your own, so you decide to accept her claims uncritically in spite of her admitting her bias. That sounds like a good recipe for disaster.

Second, please take an actual look at Bentley. While there certainly are middle-aged men who have been pressed into that conflict, Bentley came there not speaking Russian and has no military experience. He’s basically a propaganda prop- the Russian media does this kind of thing all the time. They give him a Kalashnikov, put him at a check point, maybe let him pop off some rounds in the general direction of Ukrainian lines- but that’s it. Would you risk your life going into combat with a middle-aged man with zero military experience who can’t even speak your language?

As for fighting neo-Nazis, it’s clear you’re not aware of the neo-Nazis that fight on the Russian side. Apart from Russian neo-Nazis and nationalists you have reactionary cossacks, Serbian right-wing nationalists, Greeks with Golden Dawn, Hungarians with Jobbik, Italian neo-fascists, and so forth. Their presence is well documented.

In fact you’ll see your hero Russell sporting a patch from the group “Essence of Time.” Their use of the Soviet flag might lead you to believe that this is a Communist organization- it is anything but. It’s a right-wing cult led by Kurginyan and it tries to mix Russian right-wing Orthodox values with a twisted interpretation of Marxism.

Of course if you know Russia you know that their specific ideology doesn’t really matter because all these groups are typically Kremlin fronts designed to stifle dissent and get people to further the Kremlin’s goals whether they consciously want to or not.

It’s also worth noting that while groups like Azov make up a small minority of Ukraine’s armed forces (and even many of Azov’s recruits are non-ideological), the Kremlin routinely courts the far-right in Europe and promotes reactionary ideas with all its resources. By contrast the Ukrainian far right is laughably unpopular and typically at odds with the government. If they hadn’t earned a reputation by fighting in the war Russia started, they’d be insignificant now.

You really have to work on your epistemology, I’m afraid. You’ve been duped by propagandists who don’t care about your left-wing values.

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