Tabula Rasa

I am staring at the blank page and trying to find an answer to the banal question: “Why? Why did it happen to me?” A few day ago, I wanted to install a new app on my very smart phone and it suggested to delete some files in order to free the space for that app. I pressed a button without thinking, what is quite uncharacteristic for me, and all my documents, saved files, audio messages and music were gone in a couple of seconds. It was not even a good app after all.
Next day I wanted to save…

a Russian bride

John contacted me through the Academy Site. His voice was calm and powerful. We agreed to meet in my office the next day for an introductory lesson. He was a handsome, well-dressed and muscular man. He was very determined to learn Russian, because the girl of his dreams was Russian speaking. He was very sure, — that she was the one! We set our classes’ schedule and I chose useful conversational topics for our lessons.

John told me during our lessons, that he met Olga online on some Bride website. She was a rare combination of Beauty and Brains.. She…

I’m sure, that for the complete mastering of the Russian Language and keeping it active, is necessary not only to convert with people on the regular basic, but as well with forests, waters, old willows and every flower, which is nodding its head from the hazel bush.

Perhaps, in everybody’s lives happened the time when you discover something nice and happy. It happened to me as well, one summer of such discovery in forested and meadow area of Central Russia — the summer abandoned with thunderstorms and rainbows. …



Recently, I came across an article on how to wear the doek, a turban, a female headscarf made of light material that is wrapped several times around the head.

The article was both interesting and informative, but I found a few points rather controversial. Some unravelling needed to be done.

In African culture a doek is worn as a sign of respect by girls after their engagement, when they get married, during their visit to in-laws and to a funeral. For each ceremony, a new headpiece is made in a certain colour…


Tutor of Russian, Interpreter, Journalist, Linguist, Tour Guide. Tours in Western Cape and the rest of South Africa

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