A Bride or not a bride — that is the question…

Jul 6, 2016 · 4 min read

John contacted me through the Academy Site. His voice was calm and powerful. We agreed to meet in my office the next day for an introductory lesson. He was a handsome, well-dressed and muscular man. He was very determined to learn Russian, because the girl of his dreams was Russian speaking. He was very sure, — that she was the one! We set our classes’ schedule and I chose useful conversational topics for our lessons.

John told me during our lessons, that he met Olga online on some Bride website. She was a rare combination of Beauty and Brains.. She had a degree and she was travelling a lot, due to her work requirements. She was working very hard and still struggling financially. However, she wanted to settle, get married and have children. A Beautiful story.

His progress in Russian was remarkable and he started to understand most of the things I was telling him in Russian. He was ready for his first trip to see his girl. The only thing that concerned me was that the young girl who wanted to marry a foreigner didn’t make any effort to learn English.

He met Olga and her interpreter at a fancy restaurant and the girls immediately ordered something very extravagant from the menu plus a bottle of French champagne. Nothing less. Then the three of them chatted for a bit and spent some time together. Olga said she had to get up early for work and the girls left. During the next day John was exploring the city and some local attractions. In the evening the girls took him to do some shopping and Olga bought everything in pairs: 2 bottles of perfume, 2 lipsticks, 2 day and night creams etc. (they were on special, it would be stupid not to do so, she said). I thought the interpreter scored here big time! Then the same routine — expensive food and drinks and cold “Goobyes”. Every following day was more or less the same. John learned a lot about the country and culture: he liked everything that he saw. He even wanted to expand his business to this continent because he liked the girl more than anything on Earth.

On his return, we agreed that Olga would take English classes with me and John would carry on learning Russian. The idea was that after some correspondence and learning more about each other Olga would come to South Africa and, hopefully, would stay for good. However, Olga needed to get a driving licence first and couldn’t find any time for English lessons. John paid for her driving lessons , and also for her brand new car. I was again confused as this didn’t make sense to me.

They started corresponding: John was writing, I was translating. I shall not reveal any private details, but it was clear that emotionally John was getting very involved with his girlfriend. I was shaping his sincere and true feelings into words and he was sending beautiful letters to Olga. Writing, to me is not throwing words at the blank page and seeing if they stick. Writing is about communication in a way that my client would be understood and his message heard.

To cut a long story short, after a couple of “courses”, facelifts, lip enhancements , boutique trips to Europe and many more of John’s expenses, my lovebirds met again. John could understand Russian very well at this stage, but was too shy to speak and Olga still couldn’t say a word in English. Her interpreter had to (poor thing!) fly with Olga to some exotic Island, where John booked them a room. We (John and I ) wrote a beautiful proposal letter in Russian, because he now wanted to marry Olga. After his return, John got very excited and started planning their future life together. Their relationship was platonic; they didn’t even share a kiss. Her excuse was that her lips are still sore from the silicone implants. Never mind.

John, John, my poor John! One day he received a call from an American man who said Olga was his fiancé and they were getting married soon. She was coming to America to live with him. He sponsored her studies, some courses, trips to Europe; he bought her a car and even paid for some minor plastic surgeries. This American told John, that they met a couple of times and were corresponding for a year and a half. Finally he was going to marry his princess and was making sure, that there was no one on his way. He took her phone and copied all numbers of her male friends, with whom his princess was chatting. John’s number was one of many. After a very long and painful conversation they discovered that they had paid for the same things at the same time… they realized, that those “business” trips of Olga’s had been either to one exotic island with John, or to another one with American guy. Some “business” trips were not with either of them.

I have no idea, why on Earth anyone would do something like that. Why anyone would want to hurt another person? These are rhetorical questions. Perhaps, I would never know the answer. Unless, Olga would tell me herself, what joy and satisfaction she was getting by lying to the people, who loved her.

P.S. As the story developed, it became known, that Olga was working as an interpreter for her “non English speaking” friend, who was an interpreter as well. Both of them could speak English very well and were swapping with each other, depending on the circumstances.

Hope this article was helpful or could save someone from getting into similar trap. Please, share your personal story with me by writing directly to: maria@rustutor.com.

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