Pillars of creation

Although grateful and thankful for this life, world, and all within it; I ask to be set free from it forever. That is my one undying prayer to God, through Jesus Christ. If the gates of Heaven allow my entry, I shall certainly stay. If for some reason coming back to Earth after death is in the plan, I’d ask You to change that plan, Dear Lord. This is my only request. This is my only prayer.

There is no love here, Lord. I have perused every inch of the Earth’s belly and back and find only selfish, foolish, wicked patrons trapped in a system of their own creation, claiming it be Your work. I know better. The system is satan and satan alone and no one seems to really care, Lord.

When I die, remove me from this place forever. I shall not like to come back. Lord, let it sink like a stone into the depths of the space it dwells within. Let the people sink as well, for it is too late. Let it sink. Let them sink. Swimmers will writhe and paddle their way onto land and begin again. If I be one, so be it.

It is through Jesus Christ that this God forsaken place called Earth will be cleansed of it’s greed, corruption, meanness, hate, judgement, and downright inhuman and unGodly actions. I do not pity you, folks. I do not pity myself. I wish and pray for the day when I shall see you, nor Earth, no longer. If this be outside the limits, laws, and love of Jesus Christ, so be it.

I shall accept my fate, but I will no longer remain a bystander to this pus-boil within the skin of space-time. It is ugly. It stinks. I’m ready to move on. Thank You. I love You. All things through Jesus Christ, Amen.

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