God and Jesus.

The sun will rise and set.

If it does not,

I’m surely dead.

Us and below.

The son will rise and set.

If he does not,

he may be dead.

Animal’s wild.

Their brains know no subject.

If they do know,

we are certainly dead.

Again above.

A mystery grows free.

If it does not,

we are concretely stood.

Even higher.

Mental rails twist and break.

If they do not,

we are expertly made.

In the middle.

We see nor hear no storm.

If we sense all,

The middle is long gone.

Trust is not easy.

Perceptions break the calm.

If we listen,

we will never trust others.

Across fear’s bridge, a

God awaits our struggles.

If we reach Him,

Light will shine upon the path.

An illumine.

Light reveals brothers.

If we see them,

we are surely alive.

Trust is hard, friends.

Brothers, help others.

With these things done,

many will live and thrive.

Of others and friends.

God sees no difference.

But, to trust, we must.

We do not see as He.

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