To the cis person angrily sharing news of the Trump transgender military ban
Angela Dumlao

Oh gawd, give me a break. We’re not allowed to simply say, “anybody old enough and who can perform to their standards should be allowed to join the military! This ban is wrong!”, and leave it at that? It sounds like to you, we either have to spend a requisite amount of our time working on trans equality and pushing trans issues OR we’re against trans people and deserve shame or at least redirection. I’ll happily use preferred pronouns. But I’m not going to pursue trans media for the sake of it the same way I don’t pursue any other media based on the sex, gender, race, religion, nationality, able-bodiedness, etc. of the people involved; that wouldn’t be equality at all. I’m still allowed to decry this ban, OK? You’re fighting the wrong battle here. Do you want equality, or do you want people to treat trans people as a special category? Because they’re not!

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