Russian Victory Parade Notable Gear and Tech

Rusty Shackleford
May 9, 2018 · 3 min read
T-34: Source Russia 1

Ah the Russian victory parade, always a highlight for tech enthusiasts.

Some new Russian gear was shown but there weren’t any surprises.

The most notable element for me was that not one, but two hypersonic missiles carried by MiG-31’s appeared. Showing two of the devices helps reinforce the fact that it is a capability that is reaching maturity. They could be inert, they could be non-operational, but Russia is still signalling that it has hypersonic weapons.

MiG-31 with Hypersonic weapon: Source Russia 1

Coming off it’s surprise combat trials in Syria, the Su-57 was not as surprising to see fly over Red Square.

Su-57: Source Russia 1

The Uran-9 Robot Tank, this little guy was pulled on the back of a truck. Perhaps Russia learned from the failed mail drone and decided that having it pull a Enforcement Droid 209 was a bad idea.

The RS-24 Yars and updated mobile ICBM with advanced MIRV tech appeared. Nothing too shocking there. Much like the hypersonic missile it signals publicly that Russia can counter U.S. anti-missile initiatives.

RS-24: Source Russia 1

Also some sweet new dune buggies for plowing over those Syrian sand humps.

Also of note, the BMPT Terminator, great name, designed for fighting inside urban areas. Built off the lessons learned from the BMP-1 and 2.

Terminator: Source Russia 1

Two more lil guys worth looking at, the Katran unmanned tactical surveillance helicopter

Katran UAV: Source Russia 1

Korsar unmanned aerial vehicle. The Katran looked not terribly impressive. The Korsar also was a bit underwhelming. But both did look very rugged and easy to deploy.

Korsar UAV: Source Russia 1

Also the fourth appearance of the T-14 Armata MBT, which has reportedly run into technical hurdles as it makes its way towards operational status.

T-14 Armata: Source Russia 1

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