My Professional Development 

on Maternity Leave

I am currently on maternity leave, it’s my second one: my oldest daughter is 2. While I was on my first maternity I was busy learning about motherhood and trying to understand my new life.

This maternity leave feels different, while running around after a toddler and taking care of a baby is a lot of work I found I had time to do something for myself. But what could I do that is quick and easy, fun and interesting, and takes no longer than 5-15 mins at a time? Though, most importantly something that I can learn and grow from as a mother, educator, and person?

Did something like this exist? I recently found out it does: Twitter.

I joined Twitter very cautiously and hesitantly. I was worried about putting myself in a vulnerable position for everyone to judge. Lack of followers, not having anything to say, or not contributing meaningfully were also a few of my hesitations.

Through joining Twitter I learned so much in such small spurts of time. It’s a constant stream of information that can be read in a few minutes, but contains so much value. I found myself joining Education chats in the evening when putting baby to sleep. Chats are full of motivational and inspirational people that are like-minded. Many people are willing to share as much information as they can to help a fellow educator across the globe.

What is really fascinating for me is that we come from all over the world and meet at an education chat at a specific time to discuss a topic that interests us all. What I get from these chats is information, knowledge, and inspiration to constantly improve, build, learn and share thoughts and aspirations. “Practice what you tweet” said my fellow educator Mark @shiftparadigm. It’s not about people getting together and senselessly talking about education. It’s really about sharing a mindset, and that alone motivates each individual to make a difference in their own way. When considering its volume, this difference makes an outstanding impact on education through time. And change eventually happens.

It’s really interesting that I am going through this learning process during maternity leave, because I cannot simply apply my knowledge right away in the classroom. However, it sets me out to be an even better educator than I was before. So when it comes time to going back to work, I am already in the mindset of learning, collaborating and sharing with students, colleagues and fellow educators.

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