Velocity Exercise CHB-U2101 Bike Review

Velocity Exercise CHB-U2101 Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is a great product. It is fairly compact and we put it in the corner and drag it out when we want to use it. It is light enough that my wife can move it around.

The magnetic resistance means that the pedaling is super quiet, which is great if you want to watch a movie or TV show while exercising.

Ultimate indoor bike trainer bike stand guide reviews

I have mine in the spare bedroom and watch Netflix on my computer as I ride. Two “half hour” or one “one hour” show give me a great 45 minute workout.

I agree they could have been written much better, the bike was very easy to put together…you basically could look at the picture of the bike and the parts and put it together in 30 minutes.

Ultimate indoor bike trainer bike stand guide reviews

The only complaint that I see that I agree with is the seat is not super comfortable, but to me for the price that is no biggie as I can go to a local bike shop and get a cover cushion for it, or just place a towel over the seat if needed…..but for casual use.

How often is it that they make machines for short people? For some of the things you sit on, your legs dangle off and for other bikes your foot can’t reach the pedals. This is really amazing!! My legs can not only reach the pedal, but comfortable.

I do have to lean forward to grab the bars. Oh, and when you put your hands on the silver things, it checks your pulse!! My resting heart rate is around 119 bpm. And on this bike it usually reaches 159. I’m trying to get thigh muscles and so far I got a little!!

This Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is whisper quiet and is the best bike I ever rode. I was able to put it together myself so it’s not that hard to do. I love that it is an upright bike as it doesn’t take up much room. It has a lot of tension settings so it offers easy to hard workouts.

I can’t figure out how to reset the mileage for each session on the electronic monitor other than taking the batteries out of it for a few seconds. I have no other complaints and am very happy with my purchase.

A great value and is the perfect size bike if you want something that takes up little space. Went together well and we were using it in no time. The noise is minimal and it’s not in the way of the family. I think we will enjoy using it and it was a great way to start our New Year and goal to start exercising.

I bought this to supplement my weight training and I love it! Shipped very fast and free and arrived in perfect condition. I am pretty mechanically skilled so assembly was easy peasy. The seat is comfortable and the action is smooth and quiet. I’ve used this bike for steady-state AND HIIT cardio already and it will handle anything you throw at it. All in all a fantastic value for the money.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike although light, very sturdy well-built bike. It is very smooth and quiet, comfortable seat, a great buy! Good cardio and helps to build up lower back and thighs … She can do it when baby asleep…so quiet…great thing….easy to fix…small yet comfy…..takes hardly a chair’s space…..go for it guys if u don’t want to spend more on good thing!!

Need to lose a few pounds, seen this and great price, not extremely huge, nice size, doesn’t take up much room, quick delivery, awesome price, highly recommend.

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