Meghan Scott Joins Coalition for Affordable Prescription Drugs

Washington, D.C. — The Coalition for Affordable Prescription Drugs (CAPD) today announced that health policy veteran Meghan Scott will join the organization as executive director.

CAPD launched earlier this year to add the perspective of the employers, unions, health care systems and many others who choose to partner with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to the debate surrounding the rising cost of prescription drugs. These partnerships represent private sector solutions that deliver value to the health care system, provide sustainable access to affordable, effective prescription drugs and support patient-focused clinical programs that lead to better health outcomes for workers and employees.

“Our coalition — large employers, labor unions, public sector retirees, health plans, and others who partner with PBMs — sees the very real impact that rising drug prices have on patients, beneficiaries, and employees every day,” Scott said. “Until now, their voices have been missing from the conversation. CAPD looks forward to being a vocal contributor to the discussion on drug prices and the role that private sector solutions can play in addressing them.”

The addition of Scott will further amplify the Coalition’s activities inside and outside the Beltway to bring attention to how PBMs and their partners are helping to bend the prescription drug cost curve and improve health outcomes through tailored clinical programs that yield health care cost savings. For every dollar an organization invests in a PBM partnership, patients and payers realize six dollars in savings.[1]

Prior to joining CAPD, Scott served for more than seven years in a variety of roles at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), most recently as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner. She also spent a year at the Department of Health and Human Services, coordinating the Department’s response to congressional oversight on the Affordable Care Act. A fifteen-year news, communications and campaign veteran, she has previously run initiatives supporting corporate responsibility, worked for several associations and non-profits and directed logistics on a presidential campaign.

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[1] Visante, The Return on Investment (ROI) on PBM Services (2016), available at