The quick guide to being a black man in America.

The only things you will need to know in order to stay alive in modern day America. Guaranteed.

For some reason Black men have forgotten what to do to stay alive and out of trouble in America. (Terence Crutcher, Keith Scott etc.)

To all of my black brethren, please, please study and take heed.

1. If a cop shows up, don’t hold a phone, a book, or anything else in your hands. Don’t hold your arms up, don’t have them by your side, don’t have them in your pocket, don’t move, don’t stand still.

2. Don’t grab for your license.

3. Don’t not comply.

4. Don’t not feel safe wherever you are. That can prompt people to ask why and your your answers may make them feel uncomfortable.

5. Don’t make people feel uncomfortable. About anything.

6. Definitely don’t feel safe wherever you are. (self explanatory)

7. Don’t not know why tip #6 is self explanatory.

8. Don’t speak to anyone who may think you could be a threat.

9. Don’t ask for help. Don’t expect help to help.

10. Don’t drive because your car could break down. But definitely don’t walk.

11. Don’t be in a park.

12. Don’t be in a lower income neighborhood. Don’t be in a affluent neighborhood.

13. Don’t be in college.

14. Don’t be in the NFL or NBA or MLB. Don’t be a back up in any of those leagues.
15. Don’t be a criminal. Don’t go to church.

16. Don’t post any pictures that aren’t in a cap and gown.

17. Don’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

18. Don’t be the problem.

19. Don’t be the victim.

20. Don’t be offended. Ever. At anything.

21. Don’t ever pull the race card.

22. Definitely don’t complain.

23. Don’t bring attention to yourself or systemic issues you face. Definitely don’t do it in front of millions of fans. Or at work. Or at school. Or a public place. Or on highways. Or sidewalks. Or anywhere other people may be. It will make people feel uncomfortable (see #5)

24. Don’t disrespect a symbolic national anthem that was never intended to include you.

25. Don’t ever not be patriotic.

Follow these few simple rules and you’ll stay alive and safe in good ol’ USA! It’s really that easy folks.

Well actually we should wait for all the facts to come out and until the investigation is done because..

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Stay Safe Friends