I don’t know what to say except as a white cis privileged person I am deeply sorry we (my class…
Mary Lou Seymour

I guess you lost me at the jump to “kill em all and let God sort em out,” which I think is a projection on your part. There’s a significant difference between “letting something die” and “actively encouraging and co-signing genocide”. I’ve read through this piece a few times and I’m not perceiving the ‘call to arms’ that you are. Which, again, I think is on you and not the author. If you can clearly point to his positions that call for such a ‘kill em all’ attitude, I’d gladly reconsider my take on it. While this could be my own projection, if I were to distill this piece down to a single thought its: “don’t you dare save those that would just as soon see you hang or rot in a jail cell.” There’s almost a Stockholm Syndrome-esque quality to saving those that would actively legislate for your incarceration because of who you have sex with. That’s an attitude I can’t condone or understand.

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