The night Xbox One stole my self-esteem

It all began, a while back during the day when I decided to leave the office early to go and finally buy myself the latest in gaming hardware… the Xbox One.

I’d phoned Dion Wired and naturally, they lied to me saying that their shops would be open until 18hoo that evening. In which case I especially left work early so that I could avoid the Monday afternoon traffic (in other words, the bottleneck, or choc-a-bloc, hustle of the JHB streets). Bearing this in mind I’d managed to advance in two stages of my day, in the first sense knowing that I’d stood up against those higher than me in the hierachy and secondly I was about to receive that which karma owed me, a new gaming console! (to justify this pompous tone of voice, I feel as though hardwork in the brighter scheme of things eventually ought to be rewarded somehow, in what better fashion than to indulge in something so foreign to a Monday than spending R6300 at the store that you used to be employed by wasn’t enough pity afterall and on top of that, I’m not going to elaborate for the sake of saving you the energy but I’m a mere twenty three year old with a savings account.)

Heaven forbid, heavens above, I’d arrived at Hyde Park, one of JHB’s finest shopping malls and unbeknown to me, Dion Wired had closed their store for stock take. I thought to myself “how convenient is this?! knowing how everything’s backfiring in my face! LOL” I was “spitting blood” because earlier that day I’d also received a phone call from a certain Anne Marie seemingly under the impression that I was actually Ricky Sin and indeed, unbeknown to her, am actually his boy! She had told me a story, already suspicious enough to create an affair that would lead me to believe that something fishy was up! She had said that she had “bumped his car on Saturday night but everything was going to be okay because she had third party insurance details.” But I’d have to give the benefit of the doubt to my Dad, he loved my mother too much and respected her as a woman so much so that I’d never even prescribe such a preposterous speculation. Also he’s by and large to good to stoop to such levels of flatulence, his success would speak for itself and haters ought to then know who’s boss. Secrets, chaos and betrayal, how this story escalated from Xbox One to all of the aforementioned can simply only be boiled down to ONE conclusion… human nature. The mind is a very powerful tool you know, and can be used whether for right or wrong lies in the way of the warrior. *Sigh

But anyways! Back to the MAIN plot, I advanced to the bank where I’d collected my envelope and proceeded to the checkout til in Musica (since Dion Wired had lied to me as I had earlier explained this state of affairs) My Xbox One was MINE.

“But wait it’s not yet over!” As I travelled back home after a sordid morning of already so much unnecessary drama, my journey continued to unfold. I gingerly unpacked my new toy, wedged inside the polystyrene packaging, there she was just a waiting to be strummed, like the Virgin Mary, so arrogant in stature yet firm in it’s message. I wanted to get going so badly.

So without further fuddy duddy or normative self-induced, bedridden banter, I’ll get to my conclusion of HOW the XBOX ONE stole my self-esteem. I have been unable to effectively connect to the SYSTEM as it already so happens to be FLAWED in so many ways unsaid that I’ve chosen to cut my losses about the whole thing and get an early night’s rest, the dreamer’s curse. The Xbox ONE has drained me of all exhaustible avenues of the human pysche.

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