The wonderful thing about being an American is the right to stand up for what ever it is you believe in and shout it from the loudest highest mountain you have available to you. Colin Kaepernick has stood up for what he believes to be true and just.

If you disagree with him you are free to do so as well. And do it from the highest place your voice is able to be broadcast from.

These are your rights. These are the rights afforded to all. You and I have the right to speak and express our opinion no matter how controversial.

People who disagree with me have the right to express that opinion. And make that opinion as vocal as possible.

While I may agree or disagree with people in the opinions they express I will never support stopping them from expressing their views.

Me. Kaepernick while I can understand your frustration and need to express yourself this way, this country has enabled you to express yourself freely. So please make this protest productive and worth something. In the meantime I will stand and sing the anthem with pride as I am able to do so and you are free to choose not to do so. Because that is the Beauty of America!