Why Voting Third Party is Not Wasted

Trump supporters tell me that I’m voting for Clinton if I vote third party.

Clinton supporters tell me I’m voting for Trump if I vote third party.

These two statements cannot be true at the same time, they are biased and based truly on fear. I think the people have the right to be afraid, Clinton and Trump are both terrible choices for president.

Some people argue the only way to safely do a third party vote is only in solidly blue or red states that it would be too risky to vote third party in a swing state. I argue that that is more fear mongering and tantamount to Stockholm Syndrome.

So here is my rebuttal to it all. If I am going to vote for someone I am not going to do so out of fear. If Clinton or Trump get elected I believe we will have the same gridlock we currently have, which means nothing changes and the status quo continues. So really I have nothing to fear because my life tomorrow will be the same as it is today. However if I vote for what I believe, maybe just maybe something will actually happen.

If the Republicans and Democrats wanted me to vote for them they would not present two of the most polarizing platforms I have ever read. They would not present two of the most polarizing candidates the country has ever seen.

To those that say third parties can’t win, I say so what if we can get to major party status the grassroots can spend their time campaigning rather than securing signatures in short periods of time to get the chance to beg for ballot access, only to in some situations be prohibited from having our candidate listed as anything but an independent.

A vote for Gov. Gary Johnson is a vote for Johnson, nothing more and nothing less. And he will have my vote!

Ryan Raymond