Purchasing Medicines from Online Canadian Pharmacies the Safe Way

With the surge of e-commerce and the convenience a customer experiences from buying goods online, even brick and mortar pharmacies are extending their services online. An online pharmacy is, therefore, described as an internet-based vendor that sells medicines on a prescription basis. However, this approach does not necessary rule out prescription or non-prescription medicines accepted by illegitimate online pharmacies, which are existing in the Internet and dangerous for scamming innocent purchasers. Buying prescription medicines from these fraudulent online pharmacies, either from Canada, as the country of origin, or from abroad, is dangerous because the method of doing so can be a health risk as the buyer may be purchasing fake medicines which are unsafe and ineffective. Check this link — www.canadawidepharmacy.com

These are telltale signs of an existing, but fake, online pharmacy. It accepts non-prescription drugs, offer discounts or cheap prices of medicines than the regular price rate, usually located outside Canada, and not licensed by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) or the country of origin where the online pharmacy is located. A word of warning is that many illegal online pharmacies use bogus storefronts to make an impression that they are legit. But why are people attracted to online pharmacies? It is not just about getting immediate access to information and services on medicines, but that health insurance companies are encouraging members to take home delivery maintenance medications via online services. Further, there is more cost savings of medicines purchased online.

Therefore, in view of identifying which online companies are safe, these are valuable guidelines to help any interested party to watch for. First is that legitimate, Canadian online pharmacies are CIPA members. Second, they require a valid prescription. They have a way to determine if your prescription is valid or not. Most legitimate, Canadian online pharmacies are required to provide their physical address in Canada, are licensed by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), and hire licensed pharmacists to answer medical-related queries online. However, if prescriptions are from US doctors, a Canadian citizen or a US citizen, for that matter, should secure first a Canadian doctor to co-sign the prescription before this will be accepted by the Canadian online pharmacy. Finally, CIPA pharmacies, that also operate online, provide prescription-based drugs at affordable prices, up to 80% less expensive, instead of buying these medications through US online pharmacies. This is one significant reason why many non-Canadian citizens are interested to purchase medicines at Canadian online pharmacies. They buy not just affordable, prescription drugs but that these medicines are quality-made since CIPA pharmacies like Canada Wide Pharmacy only sell prescription drugs from leading brand manufacturers which are known for their tested and proven products.

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