One Phrase That Will Pull Opportunity from Hardship

Imagine that everything in your life is working for you. I know you naturally don’t believe that, but just think for a moment that that was true.

This includes all of the great times and the positive serendipitous opportunities that come your way, but it most certainly also includes the bad, the sad, the disappointments, and setbacks. But what if all of those experiences were presented to you for a reason? There was something you had to learn from each of those perceived setbacks.

So because this is the case, would you necessarily get mad, sad, or frustrated when things don’t go your way? At first, probably. But then this thought will kick in and make you realize that there is something in this scenario that you must learn to go to the next stage in your life.

This empowers you to stop asking, “Why is this happening to me” and instead forces you to ask, “What is it I’m supposed to learn from this?”

In episode #53 of Cut the Crap Podcast, we look at one golden nugget that says, life does not happen to you, it happens for you. This philosophy is where all of this stems from and when you have that perspective that life happens for you, you will begin notice all of the lessons, gifts, and opportunities that come from your setback.

In fact, they aren’t actually setbacks, they’re SET UPS for something better!

While adopting this philosophy is difficult, it is possible with enough time. The key here is to start getting your mind right so that when the not so favourable comes your way (AND IT WILL COME) you’ll be ready and prepared to pull the lesson from it.