The Shift…If you’re not ready now, you will be soon

When the internet made an impact on businesses all over the world late in the 1990’s that started a remarkable shift that changed the face of business forever.

Once businesses had access to the internet a few early adopters jumped right into websites while many said they didn’t have a need — now everyone has a website. Next it was social media. A few early adopters jumped right in and dominated the space but still there are many on the sidelines. Eventually, just as they did with websites, they will jump in. They will be late to the party but they too will have a presence on social media.

Now we’re in another shift…mobile! A lot of companies are jumping right in as others did in previous shifts but there are A LOT of people on the sidelines still. This provides YOU with a great opportunity to create stronger loyalty and brand with customers before your competitors do. Imagine being the only company, or one of a few companies in your industry, to engage your customers in a more intimate manner by having a mobile application on their phone that provides a strong benefit to them? You will win! (More on that in a future post)

Don’t ignore the shifts that are impacting society, consumerism, and buying behaviours. Mobile is only going to continue playing a bigger role in our lives so it’s time to start thinking seriously about it.