Two Examples Of Mobile Innovation in Business

In a world that continues to be dominated by mobile devices, many of us are constantly looking for ways to drive productivity with the use of mobile applications.

The challenge that many of us face is in proving that there is actually value in creating a mobile application. It’s one thing to say it, but it’s another to truly understand it. The best way, in my opinion, isn’t by revealing statistics on mobile trends or sharing anecdotes on how the world is changing. The best way is to give real world examples to truly crystallize in someone’s mind how it can be done.

Take for example, a story from a global leader in finance and leasing for businesses. The company’s dealers and salespeople would meet with various businesses, discuss their leasing needs and then kick off what was usually a 30-day process from application to funding. The process would include providing quotes, approving applications and workflows, and many other steps. This company discovered that by accepting applications, delivering quotes and allowing digital signatures on a tablet, those 30 days were cut to two. With a salesforce of over 10,000 people, that 28-day increase in employee productivity proved to be very significant.

The next example is a large retail chain that used to rely heavily on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for auditing, planning and sales tracking. This approach required store and district managers to spend a lot of time manually entering information into multiple systems, and it involved a long auditing process. By providing the district managers a means to audit the stores on their mobile devices, the company immediately saw faster remediation times and completion of follow-up items. The district and store managers then had more time to focus on driving dollars to the bottom line.

These two examples are great demonstrations of how mobile applications can be used to drive real value and productivity for the enterprise. By focusing on the experiences and initiatives from other organizations we can use them as inspiration and guides for how we too can ingrain mobile apps into our organizations.