King County Environmental Leaders Endorse Ryan Calkins for Port Commission

Today, we are pleased to endorse Ryan Calkins for Port Commission. As environmental leaders in government, nonprofit, and private business, we strongly support Ryan’s candidacy for the Port. Seattle can and should be a national leader in environmental stewardship. In order to do so, we need strong, progressive leadership at the Port who prioritizes action against climate change while working to create family-wage jobs.

As Port Commissioner, Ryan will:

  1. Lead the effort to make the Port of Seattle part of the Thin Green Line
  2. Encourage the electrification of the Port vehicle fleet and the expansion of charging facilities expansive enough to include public access for electric vehicle charging
  3. Support family-wage jobs that also benefit the environment, thinking not only about immediate needs, but long-term solutions to reduce the Port’s impact on the climate
  4. Support expanded transit options to SeaTac and the seaport, including the creation of safe and connected bike routes for employees and travelers, and other efforts to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips to and from the airport and seaport
  5. Support Seattle’s Complete Street policy as a key to creating safe and accessible alternatives to driving and reducing emissions
  6. Help the Port adapt to an expanding local population by supporting a denser urban core rather than broader suburban sprawl
  7. Advance initiatives to further reduce emissions from ocean going vessels and aircraft

Ryan’s record as a lifelong progressive Democrat and business owner who ran an award winning green business shows that he has the values and experience to be an environmental leader at the Port of Seattle.

Please join us in supporting and voting for Ryan Calkins for Port of Seattle Commissioner.

Jabe Blumenthal, Former Board Chair, Climate Solutions

Richard Conlin, Former Seattle City Councilmember

Edie Gilliss

Nancy Ritzenthaler, Board Member, Washington Conservation Voters

Mike O’Brien, Seattle City Councilmember, District 6

David Perez, Board Member, Washington Conservation Voters

Jesse Piedfort, Chapter Director, Sierra Club, Washington State Chapter

Gabriel Scheer, Founder, Seattle Greendrinks

Mike McGinn, Former Seattle Mayor

Ron Sher, Board Member, Washington Conservation Voters

Daniel Weise, Board Member, Climate Solutions

Brady Piñero Walkinshaw, Former State Legislator

Michael Beneke, Vice President of Communications, Forterra

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