An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Deer Ms. Jane,

Itiz very un42nait 2 here about your zituashun. I come from pooher kuntry, where more than 700 million peepul have it wurz than u. To be specifik, you have choices. Coming from poor country, I know that spending eighty percent on rent is zumthing that duznt sound wize. I sujest, move to cheaper place. Coz you don’t seem like wonting to get off your bum, except when wonting to sit on public transport. May b if u stey long enuf, u get to sit on hyper loop. Don’t looz hope.

Sekund, do you know what would happen in my kuntry if all peepul start to ask for munee on Internet? Nothing. Becoz dey alreddy ask for munee on the rode. I think ze same will happen in your kuntry. If some peepul give you munee, I will moov to ur kuntry. And 700 m peepul follo mee. Den u have kompetishun. U don’t wont that.

Last, u right well. Not sheikh spear, but it can coz viral effekt on Internet. I never did that. Yet.

Oll the bestest of luk.

All ways remember sum peepul hav it wurz than u. And widout free basics dey can’t even axess Internet to right storee like dis. Dats wot zucks say any way. And Marc andwoteverhisnameis.


But don’t looz hope. Coz dat don’t help.

Ok bye