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Wow. You missed the point. This isn’t about politics, this is about ensuring diversity in our overwhelmingly white and male landscape of business, because all research points out that diversity delivers the best outcomes. Notice that the tags associated with this post are Asian American, Race, and Diversity in Tech. Not politics.

In America, black people were literally enslaved for generations merely due to the color of their skin. Asians were held in labor camps because of their race and a fear that all Japanese were enemies during the World Wars. If you don’t get the gravity of that or the impact it has over future generations, then you don’t have any place commenting here.

Nothing I have stated is a mantra, or is PC, this is about being a person of minority in America – you are neither American, nor a minority in America. Your perspective as a European immigrant in another European country, although it has some similarities, isn’t at all relevant here.

Let me educate you to the fact that there actual barriers preventing minorities from achieving their aspirations in the tech industry, that in practice, we don’t have equal rights or representation. In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago that women were finally given the right to vote in America.

Despite your flippant remarks, you certainly do care when the products you use seem to not be designed with you in mind. So why should we care of the sex or racial makeup of those who design and make our products? I stated that above, in my first comment: diversity provides perspective… usually one that is easily overlooked and benefits all of us, including you.