What If Winter Never Comes

Training for the marathon, maybe

So far, it’s been a winter of false spring. It springs up for two or three days at a time. Saturday came as a surprise, for those who don’t follow the weather. By Sunday, folks had settled in again.

The ice was (mostly) gone. And as the ice went, the Brightonites came out — the walkers, the dog walkers, the walk and talkers, the joggers, the runners (there’s a difference), and the Instagramers.

Like HBO’s Game of Thrones, winter will eventually return and consume us in a way we never quite expect. Boston weather is weird. It’s the only guarantee.

Ducks are better neighbors than geese.
This little guy got wet.
The righteous man is beset on all sides by water and woods.
Bit on the nose, no?
This photo’s kin will be on Instagram 300 times this week.
Blue-coat might be onto something.
Sometimes I believe in aliens.
It’s ain’t so bad out here.
Sunday funday, better than a Monday.
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