COSS ICO — Solution For Your Cryptocurrency

COSS is the Crypto-Platform, which is designed to cover all the features of the digital economy based on the crypto currency. COSS was launched in the beta version on April 1, 2017 with a payment gateway / POS for online and offline stores that allow sellers to receive payments for their services on various cryptoisers, and a fully operational Crypto exchange. So far these are the two most important characteristics of COSS, which now integrate many of the 3rd providers who offer their services through COSS.

COSS is designed as a live project with unlimited expansion capabilities aimed at providing crypto to the masses through the adoption and facilitation of all existing crypto and hosted services and products in an easy-to-use, intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

The number of customers and merchants entered on the market COSS continues to grow, and currently has 150 stores and more than 1000 users. COSS operates an international team that is distributed in many places around the world from Singapore (Governing Council) to New York (branch) and Bucharest, Romania (Development Group).


The main goal of COSS is to bring crypto-currencies to the masses. With COSS striving to meet the needs of its users a full experience of accessing cryptographic services and products available in one place.

From the first moment, when the client decides to use crypourrency, he will be guided through his platform and features.

Protected against unwanted negative experience, users will constantly discover new opportunities for using the platform and interact with it.

Using this integrated approach to virtual currency, this Platform aims to be the most preferred means that introduces COSS clients to crypto and how to use them. For these purposes, the COSS platform is equipped with markers, wallets, exchanges, trading platforms.


The COSS team is a visionary approach to development
Crypto-One-Stop-Solution. In the massive way of accepting kriptocurrency, we do not allow the limiting belief system to interfere with the development of the COSS platform. We accept the changes the developed technology is rapidly developing, and welcome innovations in any and every level. We plan our success with the definition and apply it in our strategy, which involves the following steps:

- Provide all the needs of cryptococcal users through one-stop service;
- Awarding users for attracting new traders and branches;
- Build markets where users crypto currency and merchants can freely meet with each other;
- A token with real value is issued;
- Expansion of the client network, providing high quality services;
- Improvements to the security system;
- Take an alarming innovation.

Details of the swap marker (ICO)

What is the COSS marker?
The transverse marker is the encryption gain developed in the ethereal Blochein as the ERC20 marker, which allows the holder to generate revenue in the form of transaction costs imposed by the COSS system for cryptographic operations.
Holders of COSS markers receive income in their wallets every week. Currently, the revenue generated from the transaction commission for payment for Bitcoin, airtime and other cryptography supported by COSS sent through the payment gateway / point of sale and / or through the exchange of Crypto is currently divided. In the near future, COSS will accept other commercial facilities.

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