Mining…Now a piece of cake.


EasyMINE est une plate-forme logicielle indépendante complète pour l’exploration de Cryptocoin. Ceci est conçu pour rendre le processus global de configuration et de gestion de votre propre mine aussi étroitement et intuitivement. Qu’il s’agisse d’un débutant de Cryptocoin ou d’un expérimenté expérimenté en chaîne, vous apprécierez la facilité d’utilisation, le contrôle et la simplicité de easyMINE.

Quelles sont les fonctionnalités EasyMINE?

Facile à utiliser Outil simple et simple pour construire et gérer votre machine minière avec facilité. Aucune connaissance particulière n’est requise. Prêt à utiliser automatiquement La solution complète et immédiate, ne nécessite pas de configuration manuelle. Le matériel et les logiciels sont configurés et optimisés automatiquement. Autonome Le système intelligent et autonome continue de surveiller l’équipement et d’ajuster dynamiquement ses paramètres de fonctionnement. Économies de coûts L’historique opérationnel complet, couplé aux mesures d’utilisation de l’énergie, aide à évaluer et à améliorer la rentabilité des mines.

Why choose EasyMINE instead of others?

Running a large or small crypto mine is not an easy task. Simply operating the equipment can be a challenge. Making it work properly requires real effort and knowledge. Continue it, think it’s another ball. Constant monitoring, updates, adjustments, improvements … Even a single mining platform can mean a lot of work, to say that there are not a few dozen.

EasyMINE aims to create a whole process — from initial setup to daily operations — simple, automated and extremely hassle-free.

The easyMINE operating system will automatically configure all hardware and software components for maximum stability, efficiency and economy. You can remotely monitor the status of your machine and adjust its settings directly from the easyMINE dashboard. Even without physical hardware access, you’ll always be informed and in control with easyMINE.

One thing miners like to take care of is the mining industry, so they usually make adjustments because it is necessary to keep the devices. Mining is not just about mining equipment and profit, it’s not as easy as ABC, even if you’re just using mining with GPU with ETH / XMR. There are many things to check on getting this kind of business, but with easyMine they can all be managed automatically and easily.

EasyMine lives up to its name, because it’s easy to get started, just download the operating system on a USB drive, put it in your mining machine and start it to run yourself. The software configures your
Mining hardware and software components for its stability. The best part is that you can remotely control your miner and even manually adjust the settings on your easyMine dashboard. It’s like you can travel somewhere, but you can somehow physically check your system.

If you are an experienced investor on token sales, this must be one of the coins on your list to invest in. Imagine how many users will try to be part of the company that will suddenly rise to dominate cryptocurrencies. When investors realize how a work product affects the market, easyMines will be more than the ICO price more than the time it takes on the exchanges.

You must take into account the possibilities it may have when it is further developed. The software does things automatically, it checks and makes adjustments to efficiently perform hardware and software setup to calculate the maximum profit, it’s all a win-win situation for investors and soon miners, so come and finance the project by sharing to take part in the ICO. To learn more about the project, read the whitepaper.

To participate in the ICO, visit this link here
27,000,000 EMT tokens will be offered by ICO to investors and sales will continue until either is reached:
A) We get 500,000 ETC.
B) 27,000,000 EMT will be sold
C) or wait until 198,000 blocks are added to the ETC blockchain.

Performing a cryptocurrency mine — big or small — is not an easy thing. It’s just a challenge to let the hardware run.

In order to make it go well, it takes some effort and know-how. Let’s turn it — let’s just say it’s a whole different ball game.

Constant surveillance, updates, adjustments, repairs … Even a foundry can mean a lot of work, to say nothing of a few dozen.
 EasyMINE strives to make the whole process — from the first installation to the daily operation — simple, automatic and completely effortless.

With easyMINE, you can start using cryptocurrencies in just 3 simple steps:
Download the easyMINE OS
 Package to a flash drive
Insert the flash drive
 Your mining machine
Boot it up!

The easyMINE operating system automatically configures all hardware and software components for maximum stability, efficiency, and profitability. You can check the status of your mining machines remotely and customize their settings directly from the easyMINE dashboard. Even without physical access to the hardware, you will always be aware of easyMINE!

easyMINE will provide:

Automatic installation of your mining equipment:

● Hardware configuration (including BIOS selection
 And flashes, and the time setting)
● operating system configuration
● configuration of mining software
Comprehensive mining solution:
● Detailed hardware monitoring (for both the entire machines and individual cards)

● Complete operational history and performance analysis
● Automated emergency response:
● Automatic change of operating parameters
● malfunctions
● Profitability Check and Report Generation

Continuous Performance Optimization:

● Dynamic customization of hardware and software configuration
● Automatic selection of currencies to mine
● Automatic selection of mining pools to participate
● Automatic wallet management
● Automatic cryptocurrency exchange and deposit

The development plan below is very conservative.
 Our team is already working on the system and we are pleased that easyMINE is launching soon!

Q3 2017
Beta version of the easyMINE OS, including inventory management features. Web-based management dashboard.

Q4 2017
Beta version of the automatic configuration functionality.

Q1 2018
Beta version of the automatic mining functionality.

Q2 2018
Core-feature version of the eMOS operating system (general access, free)

Q3 / Q4 2018
Mobile application. Full version of the eMOS system.

2019 and beyond
Further development of the platform according to the needs of the user.

The easyMINE platform consists of the following modules:

easyMINE OS (eMOS) -A custom Linux distribution is specifically optimized for cryptocurrency mining. Contains all necessary system components, GPU drivers, preinstalled mining software for a variety of currencies, and a easyMINE script management for hardware management and communication with the easyMINE server. Developed under an open source license.

easyMINE Server — The main module of the platform. Checks the operation of individual mining machines. Relies to AI-based performance optimization algorithms to customize hardware settings (BIOS version, core voltage, clock frequency, etc.) and mining parameters (currency, pool, etc.). Gathers performance data and makes it available to users.

easyMINE Dashboard — Administrative Module. An online configuration and management interface, accessible through a web browser. Turns on remote control and control of miners connected to the easyMINE server.

easyMINE Mobile — Administrative module. A special mobile application for iOS and Android devices. This allows you to remotely control miners that are connected to the easyMINE server. Extra small modules can be developed to support additional functionalities that depend on special hardware (eg External Hard Reset).

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