Will Neil Lennon turn it around at Bolton Wanderers?

Lennon watches on during Bolton Wanderers’ 2–0 defeat at Ipswich Town on Tuesday night. Picture source: The Bolton News

One win in 15 league matches would have been enough to lead to the dismissal of the manager at many clubs.

But the current situation at Bolton Wanderers is far from straighforward.

With limited finances at his disposal, Neil Lennon hasn’t been able to invest in his squad as much as he would have liked and needed to, while also trying to reduce the wage bill by offloading players.

Bolton’s start to the season has been nothing short of disastrous.

Although there have been promising performances along the way, it’s clear to see that the squad is lacking Championship quality in a number of areas.

Still, this group of the players is capable of better than the current showings suggest, which leads to the question: is it the manager that is the problem?

But, every time I consider Lennon’s position at the club, I think to myself: is there anybody out there who could do a better job at present? For me, the answer to that is no.

The disappointing thing of late is that some of Lennon’s tactical decisions have been a little confusing.

His thinking behind the right-back position, where he has been playing centre-backs rather than a natural full-back, doesn’t make a lot of sense, as he spoke in the summer about the need to bring in full-backs. Now he has done that, he is overlooking them.

From somewhere, quality needs to be added if Bolton are going to survive the drop — otherwise, a similar scenario to Wigan Athletic last season could be on the cards: a slow but inevitable relegation.

Lennon’s a passionate man; he doesn’t like losing. If he can’t rise his players to the challenge, I don’t know who can. But it needs to begin against Bristol City tomorrow. Anything but a win isn’t good enough.

Since the club’s relegation from the Premier League, it’s been hard to imagine Wanderers reaching the promised land again. But, if there’s another relegation this season, reaching the Championship again could prove to be just as difficult.

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