• Ryan Wells

    Ryan Wells

    Geek, programmer, musician, cook, experimenter, and generally pretty ok guy

  • JS_Cheerleader


    #JavaScript changed my life. I'm a huge fan. Looking for cool JS projects to tweet about. I always loved #geek guys and they never loved me back until now. Yay!

  • Kevin Kopas

    Kevin Kopas

    Entrepreneur, Domain Broker, Florida Gator, SCUBA Instructor, Thinker, Doer

  • Baiju Muthukadan

    Baiju Muthukadan

    Software Engineer, Book Author

  • John Corrales

    John Corrales

  • Matthias Günther

    Matthias Günther

    Writing @padrinobook, running @vimberlin, updating @padrinorb, screencasting @padrinocasts and organizing @vim_fest

  • Joe Walnes

    Joe Walnes

    Software and hardware. Designer. Developer. Maker. Inventor. Procrastinator.

  • Liadh Crowley

    Liadh Crowley

    Making Sense of Good Advice. Creator of www.inotherwords.ac Cork, Ireland.

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