April Writing Prompt

Kids These Days

So I’m on the train headed to Grandma’s house…

Mom shipped me here. She found some weed and some beer, so what? I’m 17, about to graduate high school. I’ll be out of her house soon enough. Is it really my fault she was so blind to everything I’ve been doing? Little does she know I’m smoking a pack a day, rarely going to class, I’m baked every night at dinner. I’m not going to feel bad. She should pay better attention to me. Why is she so concerned all of a sudden?

I have to keep telling myself not to be mat at Grandma; she’s just caught in the crossfire here. She’s not treating me like I’m in trouble. She’s just hanging out, watching The Price is Right like she always is. It’s rigged Grandma! I can’t say that to her, she means well.

I just think it’s so fake the way mom’s treating me. She drinks, she smokes, I shouldn’t be punished for what she does. All she says is “David, it’s illegal. It’s stupid. You’re too young to be pissing your life away.” Honestly, what is the weekend at Grandma’s going to do anyway? We’re just going to sit here…

So David is on his way…

Why is she sending him here? What am I suppose to do? This isn’t my fault, I honestly have nothing to do with this situation. I understand that I’m his Grandmother, but isn’t that a rule of Grandmas? You don’t have to do any of the disciplining?! I feel so hypocritical. He thinks I’m just his sweet old Grandmother.

David will never know…Haight Ashbury, I was there! I rolled joints with Jerry Garcia. Turned on, tuned in and dropped out with Timothy Leary, how am I suppose to tell David what to do? He’s 17, he’s having fun. When I was 17 I was running across California in a beat up van with a bunch of people I barely knew. Maybe I should tell him? I could explain to him that I went through the same thing. That I figured it all out too?

This is perfect, I’ll tell him about the time I went to Woodstock; he’ll know what that is right? Yeah, he has to. There’s pictures all over. Geez, I hope he doesn’t find any pictures of me…I could really be opening up a can of worms here.

“Hey David, could you come in here?”

“Yeah Grandma, what’s up?”

“Umm…sit down…I want to tell you something.”

“OK? What is it Grandma?”

“Ummm…I think I want to be on The Price is Right one day.”

“Ha, ok Grandma, maybe we can make that happen.”

Yeah. Best I keep all of that to myself….