Apps that almost make themselves

Most of the apps I’ve released to the Apple App Store since I started my Swift learning journey in July have been games. In fact they have all been pretty basic games.

The next two apps in my release schedule are also games, although one is a quiz app with multiple quiz types — more on that soon.

My first non-game app went live late August and was so simple it almost built itself.

IOS and Swift are surprisingly easy to work with, particularly due to the huge number of easy to use and well documented libraries. In fact they get easier with each new release.

While researching AVFoundation to find better ways and more options for a sound based app I’m working on I came across AVSpeechSynthesizer. It basically allows you to have the phones voice read a defined string.

Using the utterance method, a texView and a button I could allow the user write something and have it read to them. Say It For Me was born.

I added some style, a few predefined quick phrases and a stop button. I added some design to the app and it was ready to go.

That’s pretty much all version one will do — let you write text and have it read to you or select from one of four predefined text fields.

Version two will have more default phrases, let you create your own defaults and even read a few top news stories to you.

In part two I will explain how I made it and give you some example code so you can do it for yourself.

You can download the finished product on the Apple App Store or get the code to use for yourself on GitHub.

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