11 Terrific New Startups, Apps & Gadgets You Need on August 13th, 2015

There are hundreds of new startups, gadgets and apps released every day from every corner of the web. With that many ideas being marketed and released daily it is hard to keep up with everything. Even with great aggregators like Product Hunt, StartupLi.st, Angel List and Beta List it is easy to get lost in the products that you could care less about.

That is why we created ListHunt to help aggregate the aggregators into one easy place with one difference, it only features products that millennials would care about. Be sure to follow us at @ListHunt and check out past editions!

The New Startups

Edge Up Sports

We’re building the world’s most robust sports insights platform for the NFL, giving you an edge in fantasy football. It’s 2015 and your life is automated and assisted by technology every day! Why isn’t this happening for fantasy football? We are building the best fantasy football tools and inviting you to join our founding team of users.

Want to know how well a player does on grass vs. turf? Curious if their head is in the right place before a big rivalry? Those are just a couple of the questions we want to answer, and we’ll keep going deeper throughout the season into future seasons.

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LinguaTrip is a marketplace where we connect language learners to language immersions abroad. We help language students immerse into language. You can learn the language you want in 2 weeks of immersion instead of 6 months of classes!

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GROM lets anyone show off their creativity by providing a platform for custom 3D printed cell phone cases! Through the combination of state of the art product with easy to use customization software, any retailer is able to get access to the first affordable, customer oriented 3D printed product solution

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Use your story as your powerful & personal introduction to jobs, business opportunities and more. Share your story with the world. Create a beautiful sumry profile for the world to get to know you!

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The New Apps

RNI Films

RNI Films is a new photo-processing app that takes mobile photography one step further. It offers image profiles based on real analog film stocks as well as a comprehensive set of adjustments and sharing tools. RNI Films is the ideal mobile companion for any professional or amateur photographer looking to bring the authentic character and color of 35mm film stock in their digital photos.

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Genee for iOS

Genee coordinates and books all your meetings so you don’t have to. It automates the entire process of scheduling meetings, acting like your personal assistant to check schedules, select best times, put it on everyone’s calendar and reschedule when needed. Best of all, it’s all FREE.

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FreshFeed is your go-to destination for kick-ass content based on what you’re into. Based on your Facebook activity, we feed you the web’s freshest content featuring trending videos, breaking news, funny images, articles, stories, blogs, activities, gadgets and more. With FreshFeed you can always find something fresh and entertaining!

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Boxes 2.0

Boxes allows users to capture photos of their belongings and information, organize them into boxes they create, and access them at any time from a mobile device or on the web. Items shared with the community can be discovered by others, listed for sale, and purchased from inside Boxes.

Boxes now includes a new, proprietary payment system that allows buyers to pay for items instantly within the app. Sellers can set up a shop, collect funds that can be deposited directly into their bank accounts, and send invoices for payment in private transactions.

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Thingthing Keyboard gives you instant access to all your digital things. Find what you need, share what you want and make better decisions without ever switching apps!

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The New Gadgets

Touch Slab

The Touch Slab is a multi touch trackpad that also serves as a numerical keypad made from a single piece of premium maple or walnut wood. Compatible with any Mac OS, Windows 7 or 8 computer equipped with Bluetooth.

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Helix is the best Apple Watch charging device for home and travel. It’s unlike anything else on the market. We have created a compact housing for your Apple Watch’s charging cable, designed to make charging your Apple Watch simple and easy, and make taking your charger on the go even easier. It is simple to use: wrap the cord around the barrel, insert the charger, and plug it in.

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Originally published at www.listhunt.co on August 13, 2015.