We cut through the last 4 months of Product Hunt to find 113 marketing tools everyone should try — Part 2: Email Marketing

Over the last week we have marched through thousands of product releases and websites to find the best marketing tools for 2016. In this roundup we stuck to the recent and sometimes overlooked tools. We are all tired of seeing lists full of tools we already use.

It got out of hand quickly. Ballooning from a planned 50 tools to as you can see 113 tools! But fear not we organized them into 8 categories that are listed below. Be sure to check them all out and let us know if we have missed any!

Analytics — Email Marketing — Productivity Boosters — Website Tools — Content Creation — Slack Extensions — Social Media Marketing — Team Tools

Foundations for Email


We know building HTML emails is hard, especially responsive emails. That’s why we created Foundation for Emails. Get away from complex table markup and inconsistent results. Use Foundation for Emails to spend less time coding emails, and more time on other things, like building/making amazing products.

What Excites Us: Zurb has made HTML emails, in their words, suck less. Partly by making each of their templates extremely responsive and giving you the ability to test them against almost every desktop and mobile email client out there. Even Outlook 2002…



Gather actionable feedback from your customers using email based surveys, sent at exactly the right time. Churndown uses Stripe to analyse your customer data and send surveys based on their billing date. An email-based survey is sent a period of time before or after they are billed. Customers can answer directly from the email giving you a score of 1–10. Catch unhappy customers before their billing period ends and notice trends over time.

What Excites Us: Knowing more about new and existing customers is always a plus. Also Churndown helps you easily identify brand evangelists.



Reelevant was inspired by a simple fact: each recipient is unique and so each message they receive must be unique too. The live email intelligence technology analyzes the context of opening and the behavior of each recipient to deliver the message at the best time and display the most relevant content in real time. Developed for marketers, the tool is as powerful as it is intuitive.

What Excites Us: Reelevant is trying to kill the mass email marketing campaigns that many large companies use.



Multiply the effectiveness of your sales team using Nova’s data science-driven approach. We craft a personalized introduction paragraph for every one of your email introductions. Think of Nova’s personalization technology as reducing the amount of time required to send a compelling, well researched message from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.

What Excites Us: The examples that we have seen seem extremely personable and not spammy at all. It is the little things like this that can really bring a new client or customer onboard as well.



With Threads, you’re communicating with your customers at the right time with the right message. Leverage our intuitive UI to easily design and manage workflows to optimize your messaging. Define nearly any action or behavior as a trigger to tailor your messaging to uniquely reflect your business.

What Excites Us: The ease of building custom workflows that fit your business and that can drive retention.

BriteVerify Email Verification


The simple solution to improve email deliverability. When you send to invalid emails they bounce. The more you bounce the lower your sender reputation. If your reputation gets low enough your emails stop getting through. You get blocked. BriteVerify can reduce your bounce rate by 98% and help your messages get delivered. So stop bouncing and start converting your prospects into customers with BriteVerify True Email Verification.

What Excites Us: This is another simple tool that every business should use in email marketing. Before sending any emails BriteVerify makes sure your emails will not bounce and end up marking your email address as spam.

Weebly Promote


Create and send email with just a few clicks with Weebly Promote. Simply drag and drop to create emails, announcements and promotions that look great on any device.

What Excites Us: If your website is built with Weebly then it is a no brainer to use Promote. If not then you should check them out, they are doing good stuff!



Automatically deliver personalized on-site and e-mail product update announcements to each of your users. SYBG automatically learns which product updates each of your users has seen. When new product updates are released, SYBG informs each user in a personalized way, whether on-site, in-product or via e-mail.

What Excites Us: SYBG makes sure every user, no matter how frequent, knows about updates or big changes. It is part interactive changelog and part user activation tool. Perfect for marketers and developers to work together on.



Painlessly capture B2B leads on AngelList, CrunchBase, LinkedIn, and more. No more support@ emails, automatically find valid emails of a company’s decision makers. And it auto pushes your leads to your favorite CRMs including Close.io and Salesforce.

What Excites Us: Automatically grab leads from AngelList, CrunchBase and LinkedIn. There is no need to say more.



Zefyr does research on the people you’re already emailing. It builds an insight graph based on who you’re communicating with and then surfaces things you should be made aware of every morning.

What Excites Us: The amount of data that Zefyr is able to pull about each email contact. And the detailed report you receive each morning about them.



MJML is a markup language designed to reduce the pain of coding a responsive email. Its semantic syntax makes it easy and straightforward and its rich standard components library speeds up your development time and lightens your email codebase. MJML’s open-source engine generates high quality responsive HTML compliant with best practices.

What Excites Us: MJML makes coding a custom email template almost fun, well almost.